23. Mar, 2022


Hvis du vil lære norsk, bo i Norge, bli kjent med norsk kultur og historie, bli bedre kjent med nordmenn, ... og mye mer, så anbefaler jeg Ellen

16. Mar, 2022


Ellen is a great and experienced teacher. You can tell that she enjoys teaching and sharing stories from her experience, which makes lessons even more fun and valuable. You can also exchange your experiences from different cultures. I feel that I can ask
about anything and Ellen will explain it to me and she'll do it with patience. You can choose the form of your lessons depending on what you need. I highly recommend Ellen as a teacher!

12. Mar, 2022


Ellen is both a great teacher and a very nice person. You'll have a chance not only to learn norwegian but also some interesting facts about Norway and its people

10. Mar, 2022


I've had quite a few lessons with Ellen, and I'm very content. I couldn't have found a better teacher. She even manages to make grammar fun.