Chapter 0
The Alphabet
Rules for pronunciation
Common female and male names in Norwegian

Kapittel 1

Chapter 1
Meeting someone for the first time.

Kapittel 2

Chapter 2
Family, family relations, talking about family

Kapittel 3

Chapter 3
Morning routines

Kapittel 4

Norwegians and food
The kitchen
Planning a party

Kapittel 5

Chapter 5
Living alone, Being lonely, Cleaning
Verbs - present tense
Nouns - singular - indefinite and definite

Kapittel 6

Chapter 6
Travelling in Oslo
Adverbs, adjectives, determiners, prepositions, verbs + prepositions, nouns, lots of examples.

Kapittel 7

Chapter 7
About the language course, verbs, questions, answers, ja/jo, conditional sentences and more.