Learn Norwegian in a new way

Levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 plus
help to pass the different exams

Online lessons in a virtual classroom, Adobe Connect Meeting. We use camera and microphone, so that you can see and speak to the teacher and other participants. Save time and money, no need to travel, and all done from your own home.

Learn to speak, listen, write, read and use the language.

I follow the methodology of South West University, where you are taught in a natural way, not just with books and grammar.

What can you learn on each level?

A1: Greetings, the time, family, food, talk about what you do, the weather, clothes, colours, months, education, and work.

A2: Spare time, school, looking for work, CV, health, parties and holidays, traditions, media, culture and a bit about Norway.

B1: Work, social life, housing, economy, health and food, immigation, emigration, culture, tradition, looking for work, setting up your CV, Norway - before and now, the welfare state.

B2: Norway, everyday life, school and education, work, climate, environment, history, Norwegian artists, politics and more.

B1-C1: slang, idioms, insults and profanities - what they mean and how they are used. (No need to use profanities, but it's ok to understand them.)

Prices: 20 euros/200 kroner per hour.

Pricecs for correcting texts:

Up to 1/2 page: 10 euros/100 kroner

Up to 1 Page: 20 euros/200 kroner